OverDrive オーバードライブ

OverDrive オーバードライブ

(C) 安田剛士・講談社/桜ヶ丘市民ロードレース実行委員会

1話「Boy meets bicycle.(Part.1)」 720
2話「Boy meets bicycle.(Part.2)」 720
3話「Cross the Rubicon.」 720
4話「Every dog can be a lion.」 720
5話「Funky monkey baby.」 720
6話「Give the devil his due.」 720
7話「Hunger is the best.」 720
8話「Know your enemy as well as yourself.」 720
9話「Little wings fly high.」 720
10話「Nobody knows.」 720
11話「Once a chicken, always a chicken.」 720
12話「Rules are made to be broken.」 720
13話「Silent men are deep and dangerous.」 720
14話「The devil's children.」 720
15話「All good things come to an end.」 720
16話「We are going to climbing.」 720
17話「Zeal is runaway horse.」 720
18話「Deeds, not words.」 720
19話「Men are blind in their own cause.」 720
20話「Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them.」 720
21話「Vision without action is a daydream.」 720
22話「Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.」 720
23話「Quick resentments are often fatal.」 720
24話「It's dogged that does it.」 720
25話「Joy and sorrow are next door neighbors.」 720
26話「You never know what you can do till you try.」最終話 720

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